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  • Video: Wh- questions | Recurso educativo 33567

    Video: Wh- questions

    Esl video Organización

    • 2487 visitas

    This 3 minute video is about daily routines for a primary school child. We can listen to the time for each activity and then pupils may try to remember it. There is a comprehension quiz based on…

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  • Video: After Fukushima, Nations Put Nuclear Plant Development on Hold | Recurso educativo 38141

    Video: After Fukushima, Nations Put Nuclear Plant Development on Hold

    Esl video Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 3244 visitas

    This 5 minute video from Voice of America shows the consequences of the Fukushima accident on the nuclear power industry. Some countries, like Germany, shut down 7 plants, others, like China, put new…

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  • Video introducing Sarah | Recurso educativo 30181

    Video introducing Sarah

    British Council Organización

    • 1697 visitas

    In this video we meet Sarah, one of the main characters of the Big City Small World series. She introduces herself talking about her fine arts studies, her routines and her friends. We can watch the…

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  • Video: The story of Mona and Cali | Recurso educativo 33577

    Video: The story of Mona and Cali

    Esl video Organización

    • 1289 visitas

    In this 2 minute video we are shown how a guide miniature pony can replace a guide dog. A blind girl can go to work and run errands on her own thanks to this trained horse she carries everywhere. As a…

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