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Present simple or present continuos?

In this unit we are going to study present simple and present continuous. But also, we are going to do exercise with both present tenses, so you are going to decide which one it's better for a situation. To finish the unit we are going to study adverbs of frequency and time expressions.

Esta secuencia contiene:

  • De 3 a 5 horas

  • 7 actividades

  • 17 recursos

  • Idioma:

    • Castellano

Secuencia didáctica


  • Know the form of Present Simple and how to use it.
  • Know the form of Present Continuous and how to use it.
  • Distinguish between Present Simple and Present Continuos.
  • Differentiate between an action in progress and a routine to be able to decide which is the correct…
  • Be able to describe habits, routines and lifestyles using the correct present tense.

Criterios de evaluación

  • Uses Present Simple and Present Continuous in the appropriate contexts.
  • Distinguishes the uses of Present Simple and Present Continuous.
  • Expresses their opinion in an adequate way depending on the context.
  • Understands the adverbs and th time expressions and uses them correctly.
  • Is able to create sentences that are constructed using the correct form of the present tenses.

Cursos y asignaturas

  • 13 años:
    • Lengua extranjera
  • 14 años:
    • Lengua extranjera